Are you organizing an event? Thinking about garden party? Playing an outdoors gig?

The solution is here:
You can rent our standard or waterproof lamps and heaters mounted on sturdy tripods.
You do not have to buy it - just rent it for a day or more. You will be happy and your guest will be amazed. Our radiators give much better heat than gas heaters, are safer, cheaper to run, and they reach with their heat much further.

You can rent it for so little as 20 EUR per unit with a stand a day.

At the moment this offer is only possible with delivery in County Meath and City and County of Dublin or if collected and returned to us after usage.

This is also great opportunity to give it a try.
And if you use it and you are happy to keep it as you will surely find it extremely useful we have a good news: We will treat rent money as a deposit and you will have to only pay us a difference between product price and rent price.