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Welcome to our site. We are happy you came here. And we will be happy to help you.

Why you are here?
You are here because you are smart (or stingy).
You are looking to save money, reduce energy costs, be healthier, give some TLC to your home or business - THE WARM TOUCH.

Did you know?
The heat that we feel from the sunlight, a fire, a radiator, a stove or a warm sidewalk is infrared.

Is it safe?
It's not only safe. It's beneficial to your health and well-being. Perfect for people who suffer with allergies and persistent headaches. Read more in our "Health Benefits" section.

Can you afford it?
Infrared panels and heaters are very cheap comparing to other heating solutions. Easy in installation and require minimum maintenance. You can try to heat one room first to check how it works. Panel for small living-room is less than 300 EUR. Bigger living-rooms will require 2 panels of different power. They will cost less than 600 EUR. You can keep you bathroom warm with just 1 small panel which cost less than 200 EUR.

How easy is installation and can we make it for you?
Fit, plug and play :-) Bit more if you use thermostats but nothing you wouldn't be able to do yourself on a day off or during weekend. It's fool proof. But just in case you are just not the jack of all trades, or you simply have other things to do like playing golf, watching football, resting or spending quality time with your kids, whatever - just call us and (unfortunately for a small fee) we will do it for you. In more remote and picturesque parts of Ireland we will get one of our befriend installers to do it for you.

How much can you really save on your heating bills?
Roughly 30% to mighty 70% on energy usage. Depends on your current heating solution, size of your house or business, number of rooms (the more heating zones you have the more you can save), proper usage of thermostats and simple common sense heating zones management.

OK, what to do next?
Visit our internet shop or call us for advice (use phone, skype or email). We are small operation. Small enough to care. Big enough to deliver. But because we are small we do not have huge overheads, our managers do not drive expensive brand new cars and have lavish lifestyle. That's why we can pass our savings to you - Customer. That's why it will be very hard to anybody to beat our prices - even if they can use economy of scale. We will not rip you off. Our margins are tight - big enough to let us survive, small enough to let you enjoy the best price in Ireland.