Benefits of infrared heating

The most important benefits of infrared heating:


- save energy = save money - this is basic and very simple equation

- very long life of panels and heaters and low purchasing price - this sounds so great that almost you won't believe that it's true. But it is!

- no maintenance necessary - means no incidental expenses

- reduce heating costs - infrared heating is the cheapest form of heating your home or business, it's cheaper than accumulation electrical heaters, its cheaper than gas heating, it's even cheaper than heating using stoves (providing you have to pay for fuel - if you have free wood or coal - we admit - stove works cheaper then).

The only cheaper energy comes from solar or thermodynamic panels, wind and water turbines. But let's face it: the initial cost of these solutions is far far greater than cost of purchase and installation of very affordable infrared panels. Also not every house is suitable for installation of solar panels and additionally required equipment like huge hot water tanks take a lot of space (say good-bye to your hot-press space, where will you keep your linen and towels?). Even less accessible are water and wind turbines. You can have them only if you have huge land and are far from neighbors to avoid noise pollution complaints.

Taking into consideration all above the only workable solutions to lower your energy and heating costs are:
- infrared heaters and infrared panels
- solid fuel or multi-fuel stoves with back-boiler connected into your house's heating system.

Infrared solutions are cheaper than stoves if you have to pay for your fuel like wood, coal, etc. We think that if you are driven by cost you should know what to choose by now.


- Killing Mould: Infrared heaters dehumidify walls and structures. They counteract and stop the forming of mold and fungus.

- Fight allergies: Side effect of heating with infrared emitters: Reducing air circulation helps keeping your home clean, healthy and allergy free as less allergen travels in the air which breath. There are no fans to push dust, pollen, pet dander and allergens throughout your home.

- Feel better Infrared waves promote higher levels of estrogen in human body. Estrogen is commonly known as "happiness hormone". This warmth heels your bones and makes you feel great.

- Stay safe Infrared heating is used to heat incubators for premature babies. Need better prove that it's the best way to make us warm?

- Go out of the shadow Infrared heating is like our Sun. Imagine hot, sunny day (they do happen in Ireland too, if you can't recall it surely you were on holidays in hot countries once). You are staying in the shadow of the tree. Now you step out into the sunshine. The same air surrounds you but you feel much much warmer. This is a secret of infrared heating - because this is not the warm air that makes you feel warm and cosy. It's radiation that gives life to the Nature and our Planet.


- Stay Green You are Irish. You are green by nature. Now you can also be eco-friendly green. You can reduce your carbon footprint. You can use up less energy. You can do intelligent zone-heating - great idea to save energy and money. This is so natural and efficient. This is so good to you, your kids and to environment.

Do not do it for your neighbors and friends to envy you.
Do it for yourself and your family. Do it for Earth. Do it to save a few quid. Do it to feel better.

And we promise you won't regret!